Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra
February 18th, 2023

Jasper Moss, 


Lynn Isnar, 


Vartan Gabrielian, 


Andras Weber, 


Program to Include:


Where are you, Mother? (Oor es, Mayr Im?), for Soprano & Orchestra


  • Extract from “Dances” Suite: Shushiki, transcribed for Orchestra
  • Keler Tsoler, song for Baritone & Orchestra
  • Hoy Nazan, song for Baritone & Orchestra

Sayat Nova

  • Three Songs – I: The Graceful One (Nazani), for Baritone & Orchestra
  • II: The Nightingale (Blbouli Hit), for Soprano & Orchestra
  • III: Kamancha, for Soprano & Orchestra

Baresgh Ganatchian

Lullaby (Oror), Transcribed for Orchestra (Canadian Premiere)

Alexander Spendiaryan

Yerevan Etudes, I: Enzeli (Canadian Premiere)


Jasper Moss

Concertino for Cello & Orchestra (2022)(World Premiere)

Aram Khachaturian

Children’s Album, Book I & II for Orchestra (World Premiere)

Book I:

  1. Andantino (1926)
  2. No Going for a Walk Today
  3. Ljado is Very Ill
  4. On a Birthday
  5. Etude
  6. Musical Picture
  7. The Cavalry
  8. Intervention (Adapted from the ballet Gayane, 1942)
  9. Dance in the Folk Style

Book II:

  1. Skipping Rope
  2. An Evening Tale
  3. Oriental Dance
  4. Barssik the Cat
  5. Playing the Tambourine
  6. Two Funny Aunties Arguing
  7. Funeral March
  8. Rhythmic Gymnastics
  9. Fugue

Approx. run time: 90 minutes